NEW: HomeCyteTM (HomeSep) point-of-care development for sepsis diagnosis with microXlabs

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BKR is co-operating with microxlabs and Fraunhofer Institut to obtain funding for the development of a suite of cost-effective, rapid, near-patient products for triage and monitoring of disease progression using rapid (less than 20-minute) IL-6 test for patients in critical care. Fraunhofer IZI will develop a novel, homogeneous assay which is easier to be automated on a cartridge. HomeCyteTM (microxlab’s device) will perform unique, rapid, on-site developments using patient whole blood and will position the company to move forward with multiple/multiplex biomarkers (CRP, PCT, IL6) for risk stratification into mild, moderate and severely effected sepsis patients. Microfluidic engineering expertise will be the backbone of BKR’s contribution.

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Through the BKR family, a new joint venture has been founded in the Netherlands. The purpose is to support development of affordable therapeutics. There are many indications of neglected diseases and we aim to promote mono- and combination therapies using our expertise in the manufacture of artesunate and pyroniradine.

We support global healthcare.

At BKR, we support global development of healthcare via the import and export of quality medical supplies. Compassion underpins our relationships and ambitions. Together with our partners, we make solutions accessible to people who cherish them.

The BKR family

Your contacts here span two generations of the family: Ashok Krishna, his brother Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Krishna, wife Niraj Krishna and daughter Arti Krishna. Together, we manage all aspects of the business from the management to medical know-how, accounting and marketing. Our international experience spans various industries and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

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The history

BKR Gesellschaft für Export und Import was originally established in 1984 and has amassed experience across diverse product types in geographies including Europe, Asia and Africa since then. Moving with the times, there has been a noteworthy recent change: after a long collaboration with the MDV-Group, we have now branched out and refocused our energy and efforts towards exciting new challenges.

As a family company, family values permeate the fabric of our business, and we value trust in our long-term relationships with strategic partners.