QuantuMDx RT q PCR tests immediately available on special offer for just 3,75 EUR while stocks last!

Tests are available from 3,75 EUR; 1000 tests per kit (incl. 10 vials).

The test kit consists of a lyophilized enzyme and master mix, making it lightweight and easy to store and use. This system additionally guarantees a long shelf-life.

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Instructions For Use QuantuMDx RT q PCR tests

Report by the Department of Health & Social Care about QuantuMDx RT q PCR tests

We are pleased to announce that we are now partnering with Adian Biologics to support healthcare globally!

Coming soon: PERiPLEX infection test for peritoneal dialyses users!

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We support global healthcare.

At BKR, we support global development of healthcare via the import and export of quality medical supplies. Compassion underpins our relationships and ambitions. Together with our partners, we make solutions accessible to people who cherish them.

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Your contacts here span two generations of the family: Ashok Krishna, his brother Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Krishna, wife Niraj Krishna and daughter Arti Krishna. Together, we manage all aspects of the business from the management to medical know-how, accounting and marketing. Our international experience spans various industries and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

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The history

BKR Gesellschaft für Export und Import was originally established in 1984 and has amassed experience across diverse product types in geographies including Europe, Asia and Africa since then. Moving with the times, there has been a noteworthy recent change: after a long collaboration with the MDV-Group, we have now branched out and refocused our energy and efforts towards exciting new challenges.

As a family company, family values permeate the fabric of our business, and we value trust in our long-term relationships with strategic partners.

With the help of the Gates Foundation, Mologic Ltd. of the UK has created the Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (CARD) in 2015. Since then, Mologic has developed an array of Rapid Development Tests (RDTs) using its lateral flow technology platform, including viral antigen detection of Ebola and Yellow Fever via finger prick samples. These diagnostic tools promise to become game changers in the medical world, especially in developing countries.

More recently, a rapid antigen test used for the detection of SARS-COV-2 antigens in respiratory samples has been developed and approved. For the product launch, BKR has been appointed a distributor for the Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Tests in Germany, and will be providing marketing and logistical support to Mologic with its contacts in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The self-test is now BfArM certified (enter AT655/21 on the BfArM website search) and provide results in just 10 minutes. With a specificity of 100.0%, you can be sure that you'll only see a positive result if you're infected. Please contact us for pricing information, for smaller amounts information can be found here.

Tests are available from stock or in larger quantities directly from England.

Limited tests are on offer for 1.49 € at the moment to manage the influx of holiday-goers! Get in touch now to guarantee your supply.

You can find clinical experimental data from independent studies in Heidelberg and Berlin by FIND here.